this post has nothing to do with my music

When I play my keyboard too heavily (an old Yamaha P95) the keys make an extra noise, like an electric bell being dinged in quick succession.

TANGENT ALERT My keyboard is missing a "Q", but I can press it by taking something small and narrow, like the head of a pen and jamming it in what is now "the Q hole". So anytime you see I have typed that letter, understand I probably sat at my keyboard for 5 minutes trying to think of any other word but couldn't. Point is I should be able to quickly (FUCK!) being a writer of sorts... but I can't.

"Get a thesaurus you lazy asshole!", you may say. To which I respond, "touche good sir or madame" and never buy a fucking thesaurus. 

Writing is hard, and song writing has never gotten easier in the 20 years I've been writing (started when I was 15), but the end result is always interesting. Every time I come out of the struggle on the other end it is something exciting and new, because the difficult part isn't writing, it's writing a song that can surpass my own self loathing LOL 

So my keyboard makes these dinging noises every time i play heavy on the keys, and normally I ONLY play heavy on the keys. While it is a bit janky, it has been an excellent teacher in dynamics. When i hear the bell it is a reminder to play dynamically and not HULK SMASH!

ADULTS ONLY The other night the wifey and I were doing as married couples do, and I was a little revved up. It had been a while. When all of the sudden our cat Sesame jumps up on the nightstand knocking two glasses together. I immediately became self-aware of my actions, and that maybe I was moving things along too rapidly. When I explained to her what happened she immediately ordered a bell for the nightstand on amazon.

oh fuck that's it!!! RAPID!!!

Goodnight folks!