this post has nothing to do with my music 

When I play my keyboard too heavily (an old Yamaha P95) the keys make an extra noise, like an electric bell being dinged in quick succession.

TANGENT ALERT My keyboard is missing a "Q", but I can press it by taking something small and narrow, like the head of a pen and jamming it in what is now "the Q hole". So anytime you see I have typed that letter, understand I probably sat at my keyboard for 5 minutes trying to think of any other word but couldn't. Point is I should be able to quickly (FUCK!) being a writer of sorts... but I can't.

"Get a thesaurus you lazy asshole!", you may say. To which I respond, "touche good sir or madame" and never buy a fucking thesaurus. 

Writing is hard, and song writing has never gotten easier in the 20 years I've been writing (started when I was 15), but the end result is always interesting. Every time I come out of the struggle on the other end it is something exciting and new, because the difficult part isn't writing, it's writing a song that can surpass my own self loathing LOL 

So my keyboard makes these dinging noises every time i play heavy on the keys, and normally I ONLY play heavy on the keys. While it is a bit janky, it has been an excellent teacher in dynamics. When i hear the bell it is a reminder to play dynamically and not HULK SMASH!

ADULTS ONLY The other night the wifey and I were doing as married couples do, and I was a little revved up. It had been a while. When all of the sudden our cat Sesame jumps up on the nightstand knocking two glasses together. I immediately became self-aware of my actions, and that maybe I was moving things along too rapidly. When I explained to her what happened she immediately ordered a bell for the nightstand on amazon.

oh fuck that's it!!! RAPID!!!

Goodnight folks!

God Took a Holiday lyric video 

Ok good! So! My mom pointed out that the new album was only playing 30 second previews of the tracks *DOH!* *SMH*

Fixed it! All betters! Apologies if you listened and were baffled by my brevity LOL

Also! New lyric video for God Took a Holiday. Ever wonder what my mush mouth is saying and not just singing? Here ya go :) 

Things To Build Up And Never Be Destroyed 

Hello friends. “Things to build up and never be destroyed”, my second solo release is now available in all the places you’d expect it to be.. except for retail stores. But I mean really, when was the last time you went to Sam Goody to buy a compact-disc?

Anyways I really hope y’all love it as much as I do.  


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